Wooden Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are preferred for its sophistication. Real wood blinds offer a warm and elegant feel to suit more traditional or luxurious interior styles.

Wood blinds are highly versatile, coming in various shades. It provides excellent insulation and protects furniture and art from deteriorating in sunlight. However, Wooden Blinds should be avoided in wet areas as the wood may absorb moisture and warp.

We've travelled the globe to find designs that are both compelling and innovative. Browse our exclusive collection of materials. Try them out against your selected wall colours as the system generates out an instant preview of the final product. You can also choose up to 3 Free Cut-Out Swatches (Samples) to be sent to you for FREE!

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2" - Wooden Blinds

Seeking for quality?
Our blind brings the elegance of selected premium hardwood to your home. 


Product features

  • Gives your home a sophisticated and traditional look
  • Hand selected hardwood for your home
  • Wood colours exude a feeling of warmth to any home
  • Recommended for living room and kitchen


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All materials made from premium quality and sourced out globally from the best suppliers around the region


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