Singapore First Window Coverings E-Commerce Store

ShadeSpace is revolutionising the way Singaporeans shop for Curtains and Blinds. Forget the traditional method of heading all the way to a shop and trying to imagine how the curtains will look like in your home, we are bringing the much anticipated Digital Era into an industry that has been virtually left untouched!

    Introducing ShadeSpace: Premium Online Curtains & Blinds Supplier

    ShadeSpace is the first premium platform in Singapore that allows users to select and browse Fabric Collections against their selected wall colours. In the past, shoppers would have had to head down to a store to view booklets of fabrics and imagine how they would look in their home.

    This would often result in dissatisfied customers when their curtains or blinds arrive and it turned out vastly different from what they expected.

    Understandably, our brains can't superimpose a small piece of fabric against our walls to accurately imagine the overall look and feel of the home.

    This is one of the primary driving factors of why we do what we do at ShadeSpace. It's a problem all home owners face when purchasing their Curtains & Blinds, and we want to ease your mind off the already heavy burden of the rest of the renovations. 

    If we are getting our Blinds & Curtains Online, how can we be sure that the colour will turn out right?


    One of the biggest concerns our customers face when learning about ShadeSpace is whether the colour of the actual product will turn out the way it looks on the desktop screen.

    It's a legitimate concern and we understand your worries. 

    We take pride in our work and do our best to ensure that the colours of the fabrics on screen is as close to the real colours as possible. ShadeSpace uses state of the art technologies and systems to ensure that the fabrics you see online are what you get.

    For shoppers who need an extra layer of security, we offer up to 3 Cut Out Samples (Swatches) mailed to you for FREE! Browse through our collection, shortlist your favourite 3 and order them through our site! The samples/swatches will reach you in less than a week and you can then view first hand what the color looks like and place it against your wall to see how the colours will match.

    In short, instead of travelling to a shop to see the fabric samples, we send the samples directly to you! We save on overheads, and you enjoy those savings in return!

    What is the process of ordering our Curtains & Blinds Online?

    Step 1: Measure your windows with our self help Guide. (Alternatively, you can opt to engage our affiliate professionals to do it for you for a small fee)

    Step 2: Decide on whether you prefer curtains, blinds or shades

    Step 3: Click on your desired type and click "Start Customising"

    Step 4: Select your wall colour

    Step 5: Fill in the required details 

    Step 6: Key in your window measurements & other customisable options

    What happens after we order our Blinds & Curtains online?


    After placing your order online, your window coverings will be delivered to your stated address via courier. You can keep track of your order through our site and it will take approximately 2~3weeks for your selected Blinds and Curtains to arrive. 

    As for the installation, ShadeSpace takes on a more A La Carte approach. If you feel confident enough, you can simply choose to DIY and self-install with the help of our DIY guide that will guide you through the installation process. For those that need an extra hand, you can engage our list of recommended 3rd party installers to do it for you for a small fee. But don't worry, even with that added installation fee, you'll still enjoy significant savings as compared to traditional retail.

    Why should you get your Blinds & Curtains online?


    You save a lot!

    Besides the fact that our digital platform allows you to be able to better visualise how the fabrics will look like in your home, one of the primary reasons that consumers choose Shadespace is because of our ridiculously low prices.

    Because we save on having a physical brick and mortar store and eliminate any unnecessary manpower and overheads, we are able to pass the savings directly to you! Our A la Carte approach in our offerings also means that you don't pay for what you don't need! If you take measurements and install on your own, you save by skipping the additional manpower fee.

    We make it our mission to help you save on the cost of your curtains and blinds. We keep our business model lean so you'll be able to enjoy tremendous savings when you get your window coverings from Shadespace!

    At Shadespace, we pride ourselves as the Cheaper DIY Alternative.

    Is getting my Blinds & Curtains online Safe? How can I be sure that you guys can be trusted

    All your Curtains & Blinds that you order online through Shadespace comes with a 1 year warranty and our own satisfaction promise.

    The people behind Shadespace are also veterans with over 10 years of combined experience in the local Curtains & Blinds industry. It was in this time that we came to realise the need for a service like Shadespace in the local market where Curtains and Blinds have became increasingly pricey over the past decade or so.

    In short, we know what we're doing and you can trust us with your windows :)